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Student-Athlete Academics

Mills College is proud of the fact that our student-athletes have some of the highest GPAs on campus. Every year, several teams and individuals earn national recognition for academic success and the Mills Athletics, PE, & Recreation department is active in guiding our student-athletes towards academic success. Therefore, there are several academic services in place. 

NCAA Requirements

The NCAA requires that student-athletes meet the following criteria to remain academically eligible for intercollegiate participation:

  • Student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum full-time program, or 12 semester units at Mills.
  • Student-athletes must remain in good academic standing at Mills by maintaining a minimum semester (from the previous semester) and cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Student-athletes may not compete while on academic probation.
  • Satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate degree must be maintained by completing at least 12 semester course credits each semester.

Academic Study Plan

The goal of the Athletics program is to provide undergraduate students with high quality intercollegiate competition that places highest priority on development of the whole student-athlete. We are committed to the academic success of our student-athletes and have developed the following programs to provide academic support services for student-athletes that augment the existing campus resources.


All entering student-athletes (first years and transfers) are required to participate in the Introductory Academic Support Program until they earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA or above. This includes an introduction by the Academic Support Coordinator to the academic expectations for student-athletes, planning calendar, self-report forms, and campus resources. In addition, student-athletes will be required to complete a minimum of three Academic Self-Report forms and meet with their coaches a minimum of three times during the semester.

Additionally, those who receive an Early Academic Warning drop below a 2.5 cumulative GPA, or who have been identified by a campus staff or faculty member as needing individualized academic support, will be required to participate in a Study Plan on a semester-by-semester basis. All student-athletes who are participating in the Study Plan will be required to submit their Weekly Academic Self-Report forms, including any grades received on tests/ reports, etc. and meet with the coach as needed. 

The study plan is a condition of continued participation in intercollegiate athletics. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student-athletes who are having difficulty academically are given incentive and time to focus on their class work, and that they are responsible for creating a plan of action with built-in accountability to help themselves succeed.  


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