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Cyclones Fight Tough Home Opener Against Academy of Arts

Cyclones Fight Tough Home Opener Against Academy of Arts

In their first home game of the season, the Cyclones hosted Division II Academy of Arts from across the Bay. Head coach Lilia Dosalmas commented, "It's a learning opportunity (to play against DII teams), the speed of play is much faster which forces us to play in fewer touches, and be even more disciplined in our defensive positioning."

Sophomore goalkeeper Anais Uriarte, who is number 1 in the conference for total number of saves, had some help this game from sophomore Mikaela Cuevas. Cuevas had been out the prior three games and her return brought organization and a calming presence to the Cyclones' midfield. The team's defensive shape improved as well, Dosalmas mentioned crediting Cuevas.

"We will have two Division II games back to back before traveling to SoCal this weekend. The objective will be to take this game and the next game to prepare physically and mentally to be competitive on the road," Dosalmas explained.

This game made it clear to Dosalmas that the team is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their grit, battle, fight mentality. As they kept Academy of Arts down to one goal scored in the second half. Dosalmas wants the team to come out with that mentality from the start of whistle and keep it the whole 90 minutes.

The Cyclones will compete next against Division II UC Merced on Sept. 17th, here at Mills College.