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Why Mills?

Here are 20,000 reasons:

Novelists, scientists, professors, politicians, artists, doctors, musicians, lawyers, dancers, journalists, social workers, psychologists, and corporate executives. Twenty thousand alumnae making contributions all over the world.

As a Mills graduate you will become part of a professional network of women who share something vital—an education grounded in the belief that thoughtful action can change the world.

Our rigorous academic environment, leadership focus, and internship opportunities yield tremendous results. Mills was recently named to Jantetv's list of Top Colleges for Academically Oriented Female Athletes.

Students who choose to pursue graduate or professional school after leaving Mills are accepted into the world’s best institutions of higher learning. Others attain highly coveted Fulbright Awards to study, teach, or conduct research internationally. Many alumnae go directly into the workforce as writers, environmentalists, teachers, scientists, campaign workers, business executives, or nonprofit managers at prestigious organizations. Or they start their own ventures as entrepreneurs.

Whatever they do, these are graduates who are making the world more interesting, sustainable, and compassionate.

As a Mills student, you will have the opportunity to meet some of these amazing Mills graduates. Alumnae regularly return to campus to participate in academic ceremonies, create special events, present at lecture series, teach classes, or hire students as interns or recent graduates. Our alumnae are generous with their time and gifts and believe in investing in your future.

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The Division III experience provides for passionate participation in a competitive athletics environment, where student-athletes push themselves to excellence and build upon their academic success with new challenges and life skills. Student-athletes are encouraged to pursue the full spectrum of opportunities available during their time in college. Division III provides an integrated environment for student-athletes to take responsibility for their own paths, follow their passions, and find their potential through a comprehensive educational experience.

The Three D's

  • DISCOVER: Division III student-athletes are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions beyond the classroom and field of discover themselves.
  • DEVELOP: Division III institutions provide an environment that encourages student-athletes to develop into well-rounded adults. Small class sizes, the ability to participate in more than one sport, and an emphasis on participating in activities outside of the classroom are all hallmarks of the Division III experience.
  • DEDICATE: Division III institutions expect student-athletes to dedicate themselves to achieving their potential. Student-athletes must manage their busy schedules, keep up with class work, and face the same challenges as the rest of the student-body.