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Cyclone Century Club

APER invites you to join the Mills College Cyclone Century Club and start your journey to complete100 hours of exercise!  Club members will receive notification when fitness opportunities become available on campus, and will have the option to sign up with a workout buddy. They will also receive weekly progress reports on minutes logged.

It’s FREE to join and once you track 100 hours you will be recognized as a Cyclone Centurion by  receiving a Century Club t-shirt.

Contact Natalie Spangler at or 510.430.3323 for information.

To join, please fill out the Cyclone Century Club Registration Form

After submitting your registration form, you will receive an email with instructions for tracking your hours through our online tracking program and will be on your way to becoming a Cyclone Centurion!

Read about the terms and conditions of the Cyclone Century Club.


Cyclone Centurions