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Participation Information

Participation Information and Forms

The following information will help you easily access important pre-participation information and forms required for Mills College intercollegiate athletics.  Please take a minute to read through these instructions carefully.  All steps below must be completed and on file with the athletic trainers prior to your participation in any practice or competition.


New Student-Athletes:

In order to be cleared for participation, you must turn in a Clearance Checklist to your coach with all four of the following steps initialed by the appropriate APER staff administration.  An athletic trainer will provide you a Clearance Checklist in triplicate form, however you should get started completing the requirements as soon as possible.

1.  Physical - get a physical on your own using the forms below.  Free physicals will be offered through our on-campus health clinic and off-campus team physicians in the beginning of the Fall semester, but if your team is arriving early to practice you will need a physical before then.  See Meeting Schedule for details, or contact an athletic trainer if you join a sport late.  If you get a physical on your own (recommended), you are still required to use the mandatory physical forms provided here.  All physicals must be completed by an MD, DO, or NP, and must be turned in to and reviewed by a Mills athletic trainer prior to any team participation.

 2.  SportsWare – join SportsWare to log in and complete athlete information, medical history, and electronically sign all 4 pages of the Athletic Training Packet.  Follow the instructions provided.

3.  Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) - Provide documentation of your SCT status, or you may choose to waive out.

4.  Eligibility Meeting - attend a pre-participation eligibility meeting. See Meeting Schedule or contact Allie Fox if you join a sport late.

See the Mills College Student-Athlete Handbook for all policies and important information regarding your participation in athletics at Mills.

**If you are under 18 years of age, all forms (Physical, Sickle Cell Waiver if chosen, eligibility, and Athletic Training Packet on SportsWare) must be signed by a parent prior to the start of team participation. To access all these forms, click here.


Returning Student-Athletes:

You must turn in a Clearance Checklist to your coach with steps 1, 2, and 4 completed.  If you already have a physical exam performed by a physician in the last two years on file with the Mills athletic trainers, you are simply required to have an annual Returning Athlete Physical Exam performed by a Mills athletic trainer. An opportunity to complete this requirement will be available at your teams scheduled times (see Meeting Schedules) or by appointment.  You must also attend an Eligibility Meeting, as well as update your information and electronically sign forms on SportsWare (see the link above) annually.  You do not need to worry about providing SCT documentation.     

Coaches and Captains

Please remind all student-athletes on your teams to make use of this site and the forms and instructions it contains. Changes have been made since last year, and student-athletes are responsible for compliance with the new procedures.


Whew! Now that you've downloaded and read all of the forms and instructions, you may find yourself with unanswered questions. Most queries will be answered for you at the pre-participation eligibility meeting, but here are some handy contacts, in case your question is more pressing.



For questions regarding medical forms or athletic training participation requirements:

Natalie Spangler, ATC; Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 510.430.3323 or Fax: 510.430.2276

For questions regarding eligibility meetings or compliance forms:

Allie Fox, Director of Athletics, PE, and Recreation

Phone: 510.430.2232 or Fax: 510.430.2276

For sport-specific questions contact the coaches