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Student Spotlight: Deja Nicholas

Student Spotlight: Deja Nicholas

Post Bacc: Pre-Med Certificate Program

Undergrad Degree: Psychology from Lewis & Clark College

Sport: Tennis

What is your full name?
Deja Sheria Nicholas
Where did you grow up?
Born in Portland, OR. Grew up most of my life in both Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.
What is one of your favorite places to go/favorite things to do in your hometown?
One of my favorite places to go in my hometown is Red Robin. And I would say my favorite thing to do is either go hiking in the summer or just hang out with friends and family. 
How long have you been competing in your sport?
This is actually my first year ever playing tennis competitively. I went to one or two camps when I was in 5/6th grade, and played for fun here and there but never actually played on a team or had been coached. 
Who/What got you into your sport?
I've always wanted to play tennis competitively and enjoyed playing for fun but never really had the opportunity because all my life and in college I played basketball. I ended up joining the Mills Tennis team because I found out I still had a year of eligibility left to play a sport in college and there isn't a basketball team here at Mills, and since I always wanted to play tennis I decided to take advantage of having a year left to be a student-athlete and join the Mills tennis team.
What is your favorite thing about your sport?
My favorite this about tennis is that it helps me get my mind off school and have fun, and an opportunity to learn a new sport. Coach Tony is great, and I learn something new every day which I really enjoy.
On a free Saturday with no homework or plans, what would your ideal day look like?
Definitely would sleep in, and then catch up on all my TV shows that I watch.
What's something in the Bay Area that you really want to visit or see?
I want to do a night tour of Alcatraz.
What is your favorite thing about Mills?
My favorite thing about Mills is how supported and encouraging the faculty are, everyone here wants you to succeed and will do anything to help you if and when needed. 
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite food/drink?
Food: Baked Mac & Cheese
Drink: Strawberry Surf Rider from Jamba
What song do you have on repeat right now?
Shot Clock - Ella Mai
Is there anything that you are doing outside of athletics that you are super passionate about?
I'm currently teaching myself how to play the drums which I'm determined to get really good at. But other than that a lot of my passion in this season of my life is going towards getting a 4.0 and getting into Medical school in the next year and a half. 
What is something you want to do before you graduate?
Before I finish this program and move back home, I want to attend a GSW game.
What is your favorite class this semester and why?
Chemistry. I really enjoy doing math and solving for X and we do that a lot in chemistry, and there are some pretty cool experiments we get to do in Lab.