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Student Spotlight: Taylor Rodriguez de Luna

Student Spotlight: Taylor Rodriguez de Luna

Major: Public Health & Health Equity

Sport: Volleyball

Year: Sophomore


What is your full name?

Taylor Rodriguez de Luna

Where did you grow up?

Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California

What is one of your favorite places to go/favorite things to do in your hometown?

Going to the beach or lakes and swimming in the cool water.

How long have you been competing in your sport?

12 years

Who/What got you into your sport?

It was the first sport I did in third grade and after that I really fell into it and did not want to stop playing.

On a free Saturday with no homework or plans, what would your ideal day look like?

Lying on the floor stretching while watching Netflix, take a warm bath, face masks, cleaning my makeup, or just watch movies.

What's something in the Bay Area that you really want to visit or see?

I want to visit all the museums in the Bay Area and walk the full Golden Gate Bridge.

What is your favorite thing about Mills?

The beautiful campus and its scenery.

What is your favorite color?

A honey mustard yellow or any color besides pink

What is your favorite food/drink?

Favorite food - Ramen

Favorite drink - Orange juice with pulp

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Level Up - Ciara

Is there anything that you are doing outside of athletics that you are super passionate about?

I am really enjoying taking my intro to sociology class

What is something you want to do before you graduate?

I want to get a tattoo or a piercing. As well as visiting at least three museums.

What is your favorite class this semester and why?

My favorite class are intro to sociology because we talk about things that society bases of their beliefs on and how they affect us in our decisions.